Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Kent Green Hop Notices

All the East Kent Goldings are in so as far as I'm concerned the harvest is over. Humphrey continues to pick Northdown this week & finishes with Challenger next. Then it's onto pears, or something.

We've brewed Green Hop Ale 6 times this year, devoting an entire week's production to it, and I'm pleased there will be plenty to go round (800 cases, 168 casks & 80 export kegs). Now it's onto the festivities; please, allow me to mark your card:

Thursday 19th September - GADDS' Green Hop Ale preview at:

The Thirty Nine Steps in Broadstairs, from 7:30pm, possibly featuring Green Hop Chocolate (if it works), and presented by Lois.

The Montefiore Arms in Ramsgate, from 7pm, presented by the Mayor of Ramsgate, or me, depending on whether the Mayor can make it or not this year.

In both instances I expect the beer to run out pretty quickly so don't leave it until last orders.

Friday 27th September - Kent Green Hop Ale Fortnight Launch at Canterbury Food & Drink Fair

From midday on the Friday in Dane John Gardens. The Kent brewers have a beer tent and all, or nearly all, Kent Green Hop beers will be available.

Sunday October 6th - East Kent Green Hop Brewers Open Day & Tour

From 10 am to 6pm at Gadds', Goody's, Wantsum, Canterbury Ales & The Foundry Brewpub. There is a Tour Bus you can book to take you round all 5 breweries, starting here. Book a ticket (£7.50, apply to info@ramsgatebrewery.co.uk) and turn up at 10am. The itinerary is:

Leave GADDS' at 11:00
Leave Wantsum at 12:30
Leave Goody's at 14:00
Leave Canterbury Ales at 15:30
Leave The Foundry at 17:00

So should be back at GADDS' by 17:45 & Broadstairs Station by 18:00hrs. You can always stop In Canterbury & get the train from there.

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