Wednesday, 17 September 2014

East Kent Green Hop Brewers' Open Day

Sunday October 12th
10am to 6pm
The following breweries will open their doors for the day:

  • ·         Goody’s Ales
  • ·         Canterbury Ales
  • ·         The Foundry Brewpub
  • ·         Wantsum Brewery
  • ·         Gadds’ Ramsgate Brewery

Visit one, or visit them all and enjoy brewery tours, light entertainment, great food and, of course, barrels of Kent Green Hop Ale.

For those wanting to visit all 5, and looking for an easy life, we’ve organised one bus tour leaving from each brewery.

To book bus tours (£10 per head) check the routes below and contact the brewery most relevant to your travel plans.

  • The Wantsum Bus picks up at Deal Station at 10am, heads over to Wantsum Brewery and starts the Tour at 11am (
  • The Gadds’ Bus picks up at Broadstairs Station, heads over to Gadds’ Brewery and starts the Tour at 11am (
  • The Goody’s Bus picks up at Herne Station, heads over to Goody’s Ales and starts the Tour at 11am (
  • The Canterbury Ales bus picks up at Canterbury West at 10am, heads to Canterbury Ales and leaves on Tour at 11am (
  • The Foundry Bus starts at the Foundry Brewpub at 11am (

Each tour arrives back at the starting brewery at about 4:30 before heading back to the starting stations at 5pm, arriving there sometime later. Obviously you have the choice of starting at the station or starting at the brewery, and finishing at the brewery or finishing at the station. Full timetables are here.
Reserve your tickets in advance and pay at the starting brewery on the day.
Apologies: the tickets had been previously advertised at £7.50. This was before we had a true picture of the costs and was based on a single bus. I apologise profusely for promising something I can’t deliver. I do believe £10 represents great value for you though.

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