Monday, 3 August 2015

First call for the Green Hop Open Day Bus Tour

Roll up folks and book yourself onto the Gadds' Green Hop Brewery Open Day Tour Bus (GGHBODB for short). Every year five East Kent breweries open their doors, on the same day, and invite all (and sundry) to poke around the premises, supp Green Hop Ale and dance in the sunshine. And for those of you that notice this as an ideal opportunity to visit five breweries in a day, we lay on a tour bus from each brewery. Ours starts at Broadstairs Grand Central Station for your convenience.

Since we're brewers, and not especially adept at running buses and ticketing, we've employed Eventbrite to sell bus tickets - buy them here.

And if you fancy touring the Green Hop breweries under your own steam, I'll be wearing the malliot vert and leading the peloton out from our brewery at around midday - do join us!

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