Friday 30 May 2008

Stock Up!

Being single, in the shopkeeper sense, is great - freedom to do as I will and care not a jot for 'co-workers'. But it means the place closes when I'm not around and I'm not around this weekend. So no Saturday morning merriment with eager browsers and regular guzzlers.

And since it's the end of the month when I'm not around I had better get on with the stock take. [What a pain counting beans is.]

Tootle pip.

PS I've hired a 'co-worker' to allow the shop to open more, er, regular hours and he starts in mid-June. Hurrah!


Richard Eastcliff said...

Just wondering whether you'll be supplying July's Lounge On The Farm fest in Canterbury? I see they're having a 'Village Green' with food, beer, cider etc all from within a 20 mile radius. Hopefully Ramsgate is within a 20 mile radius!

Oops. No. I've just checked on Google maps and it's 20.2 miles. Not from your brewery, maybe.

And it clashes with the water ski weekend perhaps that's another argument against it.

I'll shut up and go away now.

Eddie said...

There is a possibility of Gadds' Ales appearing at LOTF. I can confirm however that negotiations with RTP have been concluded today and Gadds' Ales will occupy their usual spot at the town's showpiece event of the year. I think RTP are relieved - the punters do seem to care more about what happens in Pier Yard than what happens on the water.

Quite right too!