Thursday 5 June 2008

Rare Treat

This weekend is one of my favourites - it's the Rare Breeds Beer Festival down near Woodchurch close to the marsh. We go as a family every year and follow an accepted and effective format: the kids spend much of the time in the centre itself ooing over strange looking pigs and I spend much of the time in the beer tent ooing over strange looking beers. By 9pm we're all a bit worn out and crash where we are, crawling to the tent when the ground gets dewy. One year we had a mass impromptu football match and another I found myself wandering around a field full of dozing bullocks in the moonlight. I'm hoping for impromptu cricket this year.

It's a proper lovely do, as my sister would say.

See you all there.

BTW - Dr Sunshine's should shine in the Monty, friday night, promise (ish).


Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie,

It was great of you to show me round today and let me buy some No.3 and Dogbolter from you. The smells from those fermenting vats were amazing! I'm looking forward to trying the beer. I work in television news and was down at Joss Bay this morning for GMTV who were promoting the clean beaches - it was perfect for a stop at your brewery on my way back home to London. I'll be spreading the word about Gadds to all my beer-loving friends. Thanks again!

Gadds Beers Hop said...


I'd like to point out that you were very lucky: I'm usually in a foul and ungenerous mood at that time of the day. Don't know what came over me.

But good news about the beaches eh? Don't go telling anyone up town about them though...

Anonymous said...


If I was fortunate to catch you in a magnanimous mood the other day, I count myself as extremely propitious. Just as long as the beer isn't foul and ungenerous that's all the matters to me. I am sharing and taste testing the No.3 and Dogbolter this very evening. I expect great things and doubt I'll be disappointed. I'll report back here presently. Over and out. 10-4.


Gadds Beers Hop said...

Hi Matt,

Weirdly my brother also works in TV and called me to ask about the beaches. If Adrian Chiles describes Thanet as 'the nipple of england' on wednesday night's program you'll know .........