Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sizzling Summer Seaside Special Stock

Oh yes, have I got some treats for you?

Yes. Yes I have. Take a look:

You'll notice a top notch collection of Geueze, Framboise & Kriek from Boon, Girardin & De Ranke. These fruity Belgains are just perfect chilled and served at a swanky garden party or, better still, golloped down in the privacy of one's allotment on a sunny eve'. And at less than £2.50 a shot they're a real credit cruncher to boot.

Also on the summer shelves:

These little beauties came from the Big M out in rural Holland. I've, er, sampled one or two in the last couple of days and can confirm their usual brilliance. I enjoyed the 'Amerillo' especially - so hoppy I couldn't keep still. They'll move pretty quickly at between £5 and £7.70 a bottle.

And last, but by no means......

The purpled label is from Schneider & Sohns and contains an 8% wheat dopplebock, dark ruby, intense fruity & chocolate aromas and flavours. Basically it's a dessert course in a glass. Perfect as a goodnight-vienna on a warm evening. (£2.11 - no excuses).

Notice too the yellow label top right - 'Banatana' is the world's very best banana/sultana beer. Really, you'll not find a better example anywhere.

And the perennial XXBitter from De Ranke lines up beside Dark Stare Imperial Russian Stout, left and centre. Drink the former immediately you get out of work, or school, or the dole office and the latter a few hours later, preferably when you're already lying down.

So there you go - all your summer season requirements under one roof. We're a one-stop-shop for the man who wants nothing. Liquid solutions to the puzzled cognoscenti. All you ever needed. And more.


Anonymous said...

That all sounds very very nice I'll have to get you to publish a map so the worlds worst navigators can come and find all this.

Anonymous said...

Look in the side bar