Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Beer Tent Alert

It's our local power-boat-watersk town 'celebration' this weekend. I've never worked out what we're celebrating and I'm quite sure the vast majority of townsfolk who loaf around the harbour eating sticky apples, riding silly rides and supping real ale haven't either. I'm even convinced a significant minority have never worked out that there's in-shore racing happening. All just grateful to be out and about having fun and staying up late.

We at the Brewery are happy to play our small part and provide a wide range of decent ale in convivial, if not exactly comfortable, surroundings.

Pier Yard, on the right in front of the Museum - the largish tent that isn't a Thorley Place. Gray the Dray runs the show and all proceeds go to the consortium of brewery staff who man the thing.

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