Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Year in Beer 08 - August

She sits outside a creosote-black, wooden fishermans' hut on the quay side, bright August sunshine glinting off the gently rippling, fish-stenched harbour water, surrounded by nets and bouys, shells and driftwood. The mewing of herring gulls accompanies her own quiet singing whilst she works away cleaning trinkets of flotsam in a bucket of seawater. Pausing on her tasks and reaching over, she grasps a gorgeously cold glass of pale straw coloured ale, the pure white head momentarily slopping over the side and cooling her hands as it runs across her browned skin. Up to her sun-dried lips and she becomes aware of the delicate floral and citrus aroma of 'Northern Brewer' hops and then, as she tips her head, and her glass, back, there cascades across her parched mouth the most fantastically refreshing pale ale full of hoppy goodness, revitalising sweetness and restorative bitterness.

Just your typical East Kent mid-summer coastal scene I'm sure you're all familiar with.

Look out for SHESELLSSEASHELLS in East Kent freehouses from next week.


Captain Dog said...

Aggggghhhhhhhhh. Any dates? PS. Hope all is well.

Gadds Beers Hop said...

Kapitan Pies, all is indeed well. Trust the same is with you and the young pup?

August 8th looks like the day in the usual gaff, though recent past form has suggested a 'don't bank on it policy'. In the meantime, I have a small caskette on the go as we speak......