Tuesday, 16 March 2010

2010 Year in Beer - Uberhop Traditional Lagerale

My buddies in Thanet Camra run a beer festival each year in Margate Winter Gardens. This Easter weekend will be their fifth bash and they thought it might be fun to get a beer specially brewed, to mark (and drink on) the occasion. We came up with the idea of brewing a pale beer utilising Germany's finest noble hops, the kind they use to flavour lager.

Anyway, we got a loads of flashy Teutonic hops from the Hallertau region of Bavaria and knocked up a pale Lagerale with them, storing the finished brew for 6 weeks at 1 degree Celsius before casking, and a further 2 weeks storage after. It's pretty good: crisp and properly refreshing, moorish too.

The first you'll see of this is at Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival, 2nd April. Although......... I do have a pin ready for tasting at the Big Kent Open Day, on the 27th. But don't tell anyone that please.


Mark said...

Really looking forward to tasting this on the Friday of Planet Thanet. Will you be around at all?

P.S. Put it in bottles and sell it to me please. :P

Eddie said...

Chunk - I'm sending an avatar in my place: look out for the handsome bloke with the trim body and smart haircut. Oh, he'll be sober as well.

Captain Dog said...

Fabulous. I will bring my German sausage with me.

Planty said...

Big Kent Open Day? as in you are open that day and will let a few select friends come along and sample some of the finest ale around?