Thursday 3 June 2010

Points of View

BBC website complaints form


Why oh why oh why do the beeb continue to use footage of traditional beer being served in the pleasant and convivial surroundings of a pub to illustrate the problems of binge drinking (BBC News at Six, 2nd June)?

The story in question related to the NICE recommendation that a minimum price be fixed on alcohol – that price has been recommended at 50 pence per unit. Beer served in pubs costs more than twice as much as that at its cheapest. And traditional beer accounts for just 7% of the total UK beer market and less than 2% of the alcoholic drinks market. Furthermore, the pub is a regulated environment. What place does traditional beer, served in a pub, have in a story about the minimum price of alcohol? It’s akin to using footage of a sub-post mistress on a story about the global banking crisis.

If good old Auntie continues to misrepresent our fine brewing and pub industry in this way I’ll be forced to withhold my licence fee (and watch on-line instead).


Eddie Gadd

PS Apart from that it was a very decent, well balanced piece.


Fishter said...

I've complained a couple of times about this exact issue.

I got one response which didn't fill me with enthusiasm that they were ever going to even consider matching the stock photos with the story.

They may as well show a picture of a market stall in a story about Tesco.

Brock said...

Yes. Or a whittling club in a story about knife crime...


Kirses said...


off topic - but are you going to be at Lounge on the Farm in July? I'm going to that with a few friends from work - and just saw Gadds on the foodie page. will definitely pop by to sample some beer and say Hi if you are there.


Eddie said...

Yes that's off topic Kirses.

LoTF - hmmmmm, all sort of depends on stuff. Lois is doing some kids stuff there and I'm due to go but it's unconfirmed. Are you sure you'll feel safe this far deep into darkest Kent?

I am going to the Hop Farm festival though, definately. Along with shed loads of beer too.

email me.