Sunday 12 September 2010

Operation Green Hop - bottling

Whilst casking Green Hop Ale on Friday we diverted 400 litres to cellar tank, for the weekend, ready for bottling on Monday morning. A secondary fermentation in the bottle will add a decent, smooth carbonation over the following fortnight and with luck (well, not luck, skill) the bottles will be ready to drink just in time for the Broadstairs Food Festival. There ought to be 65 cases and, since most have been sold already, I'll be hiding a few for my own pleasure.

I'll have a few casks on the stillage in the brewery so pop up from Friday onwards and collect a gallon or two, whilst it's lovely and fresh.


Mark said...

Im not back home for a little while now, but there's no way im missing this! I've asked my brother (who lives in Broadstairs) to make sure he's at the food festival so he can pick me some up. :)

Looking forward to it.

When's that big IPA going to be ready?


Brock said...

Had a slurp of this last night in the boat, excellent work Sir. The fresh green hop hit hops happily over the underlying hoppiness, heaping a huge healthy haul of hop freshness into my head. Think I'll have more this afternoon.

Gadds Beers Hop said...

Hey Brock, glad to be of service.