Friday, 18 May 2012

mid May update

The weather may not suit an ice-cream on the beach just yet but we can be thankful the barley has enjoyed a reasonably wet spring - just as well, the last couple of harvests have been poor and left us all dangerously close to being short of the top quality stuff. So cheer up, every cloud and all that.

Thoroughly Modern Mild, this month's special, has all left the brewery but expect to find it out and about in the east Kent pub trade for another week or two. It's a relaxing, mellow ale (file under 'sustaining') full of delicious malt flavours with a bit of fruity hop on top.

Stocks of "Common Conspiracy" have been ramped up in anticipation of all you commoners, revolutionaries & republicans out there needing something to drink at home during the forthcoming bank holiday, as you seek to avoid the street parties & popular media (I have the entire works of M*A*S*H to look forward to). Ask Lois about the special offer on 20 litre polypins.

Looking for something to do this weekend and haven't got tickets to see the mighty Blackpool at Wembley? Then why not head down to the Montefiore Arms, Trinity Place, in Ramsgate for Sunday lunchtime? You won't get any lunch other than bar snacks but you will get some decent beer in highly convivial surroundings and a good friendly welcome. Last orders are at 14:50, as they ought to be. Order the Number 7; always on cracking form.

The summer beers are brewing away ready for release but I'll tell you all about them next time.

Have a good weekend, whatever the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Is there a mid June report?