Thursday, 10 May 2012

Time to back down

You do remember, dear reader, the minor brouhaha in which we became involved last month, concerning the imagery used on the Dark Conspiracy art work, don't you? Well, the jury (the independent panel from the Portman Group) is in and they find us guilty as charged - "The Panel did not object to the name 'Dark Conspiracy', but concluded that the image had direct associations with violence and aggression and, accordingly, it found the image in breach of Code (sic) paragraph 3.2(b)".

I'm a bit miffed I lost the argument - I felt we had a good case - but I do understand why & fully accept the decision. Back in the day it was OK for little brewers to flaunt the rules with gay abandon but since the advent of the explosion of interest in what we do, we have a responsibility to help the cause, rather than hinder it.

So it's out with the Kray twins & in with the Dray twins, who, incidentally, are much more frightening to look at.

But they love their mums.

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