Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Cooking with GADDS'

Chilli con Stout

OK, this is a little left-field, but you know that old trick of adding a piece of chocolate to your chilli? Well you don't need too anymore; GADDS' Black Pearl Oyster Stout gives all the luxury your favourite recipe will ever need. Use it fairly early, and fairly generously, and you'll create a rich sauce capable of handling a surprising amount of 'seasoning' (go on, add the extra chilli - in fact, reach for the Scotch Bonnets).

 I consider myself slightly better at cooking than taking pictures.

My current favourite recipe uses some fresh red chilli & onion, gently fried with cumin, paprika, smoked paprika and oregano. I pop in some quartered fresh baby toms & then begin adding BPOS & passata, building a formidable sauce before the veggie mince goes in (you lot will have to add your beef mince way back in the frying stage, no doubt). Once cooked off, with the rinsed kidney beans added, I top it all with some diced & roasted red pepper and a lot of freshly cracked salt & black pepper. Served with rice and coriander, naturally.

It's a Monday evening classic.

Of course, you can drink any remaining BPOS with your chilli - it does work - or go for the more obvious, stark contrast of one of our pale ales. My favourite beer with a smoky, peppery chilli is Dogbolter though, chilled.

See? That's not Italian.

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