Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Beautiful British Bitter

You know us: we like our hops Kentish, and our beer might sometimes, to some metropolitan tastes, seem a little old fashioned. I don't think so, I think we brew timeless beer styles, and I think we do it well. So when The Pub Landlord was looking for someone to brew a Beautiful British Beer we jumped at the chance to prove it.

Beautiful British Beer is a pale copper bitter of the very best tradition - biscuity sweet malts perfectly balanced by spicey, bitter East Kent Golding hops. It's not a brash American IPA, or a clinically produced Bavarian Pilsner, this beer is full of British balance and subtlety, and it's delicious. Mr Murray says:

‘For too long the British public has been beset by inferior ales and lacklustre lagers, it’s about time this Great Nation had a tipple it could be proud of, a shining beacon of hope in an ocean of bargain basement booze. This Beautiful British Beer is made with the finest ingredients and brewed by Kentish brewers handpicked by myself to create the finest drop known to man.’

Get it from our shop, or on-line here.

All Hail to the Ale.

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