Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Gearing Up for Green Hop (part 1)

Kent Green Hop Beer Fortnight, that time of year when we all get to drink fantastically fresh beer, brewed with the first rewards of the years hop harvest, kicks off this year with a fantastically fresh event, the Canterbury Hop Pocket Race. The evening of Thursday 24th September will see idiotic teams of fools running, stumbling and falling their way up Canterbury High Street carrying a 76kg hop pocket, in a boneheaded attempt to become the first winners of the East Kent Goldings Cup. Cuts, bruises and abject public humiliation is the best the entrants to this absurd competition can hope for, and the likelihood is that the pain will last until next year.

So put it in your diary and come along armed with squishy fruit and verbal abuse, for the Gadds' Brewers are proud to be taking part.

A pocket of hops and hop dryers
Left to right: Clive, Captain Dog, Speedy & Me

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