Tuesday 6 October 2015

Green Hop Export

We're a parochial brewery, our beer rarely leaving east Kent. That's partly because we enjoy great sales here in our heartland, partly because I have strong feelings about cask beer supply chains and partly because we don't actually know how to sell beer anywhere else. And maybe we're a little lazy too.

I want to change this a little. I want to send beer to London, and to the North. Beer that takes a little piece of Kent with it and tells people about the place where it's brewed. So I'm developing a small range of beers suitable for kegging and sending off to distributors, who know how to distribute. This is the first in the range, and I rather like it.

Obvs. I'll keep some here, mainly for myself, and sell it through the best pub in the world 2015. And I'll 'launch' it on Saturday 10th October at the brewery, for my birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Hoppy Birthday Eddie. Hope it was a blinder. Best wishes from Toronto