Thursday 17 December 2015


Bubbles are great: they're ball shaped and they're playful (what's not to love?). And the bubbles produced when nitrogen comes out of a beer solution are particularly beautiful, and playful. These bubbles are smaller than our usual carbon dioxide bubbles, and they're more evenly sized, and both these attributes help to create a wonderfully dense and creamy head on a beer, and a silky, luxuriant mouthfeel. Add those ingredients to the vanilla and molasses flavours in a chilled pint of Black Pearl and you have a delicious and seductive pint of beer.

Remember the dancing man advert?


Ed said...

Well I suppose it can be allowed in a stout but don't make a habit of it.

Eddie said...

OK Ed, I won't (but it's a valid technique in my place, so long as the beer remains live).