Saturday, 29 March 2008

Good Pub News!

Thought I'd let you both know that the old Yew Tree Inn in Barfrestone is open again and under new ownership, again. However, this time I've got a very good feeling about it. The poor old place has suffered classic country pub misfortune over the years but new to the business hosts Ben & Lisa are something special. I fully expect this place to be packed out successful for a few years to come.

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Why the optimism? Well, Ben is a top notch chef loaded with talent and enthusiasm and Lisa a cracking good host with impressive wine knowledge and untiring stamina. And then there's the other Ben, Big Ben I think I'll call him - he'll like that I'm sure! Well, Big Ben is a wine merchant of some taste and an opera singer of some note. Along with Juliet (another wine merchant/opera singer) they form a pretty formidable team.

Good food, local ales and first class wine list. And the prices are pretty reasonable. I've never felt so confident about a new pub......

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