Sunday, 22 June 2008

Moshing Pit

Very pleased to announce a couple of music festivals that we're suppling:

By hooking up with the Workers Beer Company (splendid outfit) all you happy hippies will be able to sup GADDS' finest whilst rolling in the mud at a festival headlined by Neil Young at the Hop Farm in Paddock Wood in early July.

And a week later it's Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury. Wanting to take the annual event to a new level, organisers were quick to recognise the value of stocking proper local beer to charm their guests, rather than the usual festival piss available elsewhere.

I do like a dusty, sunny, countryside music fest' and it's great to see some are making a proper effort to give the punters true quality. Well done all concerned.

See you down the front?


Jo said...

I have been considering the Hop Farm Festival... it's a longish haul from here for a day, but the line up, and the ethos, and now the beer...
I saw Neil Young at the Phoenix Festival in, I don't know, '94 or '95. He was so good I cried. Grumpy old bastard, mind.

Anonymous said...

A full round of applause for local beer and good music I think.