Sunday, 12 October 2008

Fall Out

The alcohol industry attempts to self regulate in the matter of responsible marketing and the self regulators self appointed to regulate myself are the Portman Group. They basically want to ensure labels and packaging don't promote alcohol misuse and, from their complaint decision history you can see they're generally pretty fair about things. Some of the plaintiffs, however, are clearly bonkers; check this and this.

This subject came up last week regarding Orkney Brewery's strong ale, 'Skull Splitter'. It's a complicated case; the beer has been around considerably longer than the regulatory code, the name refers to an historical, local figure and the market within which it is sold is dominated by the beer(ded) connoisseur rather than the homicidal maniac.

In the old days we used to produce a very strong ale called 'Earth Stopper' but I don't suppose it'd be a sensible name these days. And nor is 'Fall Over', despite the reference to the end of Autumn and the relatively low abv. So I'm not going to use it. It's banished to the bin of poor taste and irresponsibility for ever.

It wasn't very funny or clever anyway.

No Tomorrow, however, is oblique enough to escape.......

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