Monday, 27 October 2008

Snuffeltje (minder betalen)

Ok, ok, so I've been hiding again. Don't shoot me though 'til you hear the where and why.

Leaving the brewery in the capable hands of Steve I've taken the family on a well deserved holiday. Well, I deserved one any way; they've had several this year (as usual) and probably really ought to have been left at home. But I'm a generous kind of chap. So they're here, with me, in the low countries, my old home. Alongside the compulsory visiting of family and friends I've been sure to include an important busman's holiday element. Indeed, this very hour I have returned from a solo sojourn to big M's gaff heavily laden with some of the highest rated beer in der hele wereld. And not all of it is for me. Oh yes, my dear friend, I'll save a few morsels for you, so don't go getting jealous yet.

More important even than this stash of ale are the snippets of inspiration and seeds of ideas harvested during my two hour visit. You'll see the fruition in a few months time; I'm full of it today.

Next stop, after a two day trip into the interior, is another stock-up stop at H&M's warehouse in sunny Breda (that's a joke; you thought the lake district was wet this time of year? Nothing on this place - I don't need my satnav to know we're 4 meters below sea level). More top notch beer destined for the green and pleasant. I expect you'll be waiting at my door on my return.....

This remote blogging lark is courtesy of my new watch - clever eh?

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