Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Year in Beer 08 - November

November is typically a pretty dark, damp and miserable month caught between the last gasps of October sunshine and the optimistic bonhomie of the Yule. It's a month for dark, broody ale and for sitting in a dark, broody pub whilst the central heating tries to remember how to work.

I told you a bit about the brewing here, and the dropping of the name here. The beer is now finished, responsibly monikered and delivered.

It'll be pouring in the Monty this Friday night, the 6th of November from 7pm so I'll see you there?


Captain Dog said...

Archbishop Edmund Tutu,

It sounds fab. However I will only be able to get down to the Monts on Saturday night (maybe) - there might be a dribble left. Hope all is well sir.

Anonymous said...

Dogstyler. Shame. I have a bottle or two stashed away......