Monday, 1 December 2008

Tomorrow, people.

Wow, what a day in the old brewhouse. As you'll remember, every year I take the freshest hops (as soon as they arrive in the brewery) and knock out a pale india ale. And that's just what I did today; I used a stupid amount of Humphrey's East Kent Goldings and the very palest malt I could find, fiddled about for 8 hours and the result resides in fermenting vessel number 3 as we speak.

It is a viscous, bitter-sweet yellow 'wort' innocluated with a sturdy brewers' yeast. In a week's time I'll get my first taste and after Easter next year you'll get your's. I did take a picture - one of the curious two inch deep bed of green hops sitting, swollen, on the mash of malt. You'll have to picure it in your mind's eye I'm afraid since I haven't got time to investigate what's gone wrong with my army of labour saving devices. 'Mash hopping' is an unusual practice and perfectly suited to my working style: I can't imagine why I never thought of it before. The aroma of the sweet wort had a delicate floral tea note to it - I hope that carries through though I rather fear it'll be all lost in the pungent aroma derived from the more conventional hop additions.

I could go on but this is making me thirsty. I'm off for a well-deserved.

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