Sunday, 30 November 2008

Lawers don't do maths (and brewyers can't spell)

Everyone likes a day off work, even brewers. Sunday is mine and I generally hang out with the kids playing stupid games and eating a lot.

Not today though. Oh no. My mate Alistair slipped me a mickey last week without warning me and without telling you. He left that bit up to me to do.

The duty increase will result in a price rise over the bar of 13 pence, approximately, and the vat reduction is 4 pence. This is described by the treasury as 'broadly the same'.

If the aim of the excise exercise was to leave the price of alcohol 'broadly the same' the obvious thing to do would be to leave the vat on alcohol exactly the same. But no, they've given me a weekend of work recalculating my costs and contacting my customers to try and explain that the price has gone up. Those brave souls in the treasury weren't quite brave enough to do the telling themselves.

But fear not dear friends - prices to you, from the brewery, will stay exactly the same until next year. Promise. And look out for some kind of 'Yule Do' that Mrs Gaddsbeershop is organising to brighten up things in these dark months.


Anonymous said...

Their action is to try and cut down on excessive drinking why is this Government so thick they can not see they have to get to the heart of the problem, that is the youth of today. Increase the drinking age to 21, let them wait until they are responsible human beings. Not allow these stupid little kids whose parents just don't care if they get liver problems and even death at a young age, of the parents do not protect them then the Governemnt should take over, but this Government doesn't seem to do anything except bring out the most rediculous alterations and cause even more dostruction of the country

Eddie said...

Thanks Anonymous but we, er, try and avoid serious stuff like this.