Monday, 23 March 2009

The bi-monthly series drags on.

Dragon's Blood
Extra Special Bitter

I can't remember what I wrote last year about this brew but I'm not about to reread it - onwards and upwards and don't look down and all that.

Anyway, Extra Special Bitter (ESB) is just what it says on the er, cask. Much more malt, many more hops and far more attention to maturation than go into a regular bitter. That's the 'extra special' bit.

The resulting brew is a heady one, rich of colour and flavour and stout of bitter, spicy, hoppiness.

And although it is a St George's Day bevvie, it's availability stretches all the way from March 1st through to the end of April.

Treat yourself and raise a glass to England and decent beer.

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