Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Geraldine was a brewster

- the first I'd ever met, I think. And although we'd known each other for a few years it wasn't until late one night in the kitchen, over a glass or two of Orval (or some such) that I began to get the tiniest insight into her genius - not for her the stainless, real scientific solidity of fermentation vessels; more like tall old friends rallying forth in a mutual quest to create ale; casks weren't simply 9 gallons of contained, sterile space in which to store fresh beer, they were alive and chuckling away, needing and loving her deft attention. Every department of her small brewery was alive with spirit and character and her role within this arena was one of a caring conductor, atune to the tune and very much maternal in approach. A unique brewhouse perspective and I never forgot it.

Anyway, Geraldine's path continued, as it ought, and now encompasses motherhood, marriage and musical composition. This piece is called 'Gadds of Ramsgate'.

Gerldine has a web site with a rather funky background. Sadly, it makes no reference to her first career.


Unknown said...

Hi Eddie, what poetic writing! I was very touched to read that, it was lovely indeed. I do not reveal this side of myself to just anyone, so it shows that you were a special friend, too. I will never forget my wonderful brewster days and they still have influence now. And if you think my view on the brewing world was way out, you should hear my theories on the world of music! That's for another cosy evening over a few more beers! Well done, Eddie, and i really hope we all can come and see you all sometime soon, we're due a bit of craic! Hi to Lois, Summer and Stan. Love Gerry.

MicMac said...

(coming very late to this, but still wanted to say . . .) Jeez Eddie - that was a great bit of writing.

Geraldine's website now has good mention of her brewing days.

Contrastingly, I used to know a very laidback firkin brewer who would allow his spanky automatic underback look after the brew, while he played violent computer games in the flat above the brewpub!

BTW - I think we must have met somewhere, but can't quite work out where?
(ex Great Stour, Canterbury, Wolf, City of Cambridge, Brakspear, Meantime, Zerodegs, etc)

Eddie said...

Thanks Mike - not sure if we would have met - the Firkins sent me out to Holland in 96 (phew). We returned in 00 and I haven't left Ramsgate since!

But ha! I've just checked you over and you're the Betwixt chap - my old man (from Fazakerley) used to say that the Wirral was so called because on bank holidays scouser would say 'wirral we go today ma'?'. Crap joke but I never forgot it.

See you at Conference next year?