Sunday, 21 June 2009

Barely wine

Now then, remember the barley wine tutorial? Well, after sitting on a bed of spicy English Bramling Cross hops for a couple of weeks I transferred the young ale onto a bed of the strangest variety of hops known to brewers, the recently developed NZ Nelson Sauvin. The resultant concoction, now bottled and on sale, is just about one of the craziest brews I've made to date.

And I'm very pleased to announce that the Beer Merchants are trading our ale on-line so get yer credit card out and spend, spend, spend for the good times just keep on rolling on.


Peter Brissenden said...

I opened a bottle of this a few nights ago. Very good it was too, full of milk chocolate, caramel and treacle with a real fresh grassiness from the Nelson Sauvin.

A spectacular beer. I have a bottle of the red wine barrel aged stuff too that I am debating when to open!

Eddie said...

Thanks Peter. Yes, I'm liking the OOOKS! more each time I try it. We'll be cracking a cask of it at our Big Tasty Beer Festival next Saturday and I reckon that'll be spot on.

The wine barrel aged 'Reserved' started fairly simple with a decent oak aroma reminiscent of Roddenbach. However, the bottle I had the other evening certainly suggested that it's changing due to brett from the barrel - can't be certain yet. Better try another one....