Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sizzling Summertime Special Stock

Welcome to Steve, our latest recruit. He's taken over responsibility for the foreign beer we stock in the Shop. As a result, the range has begun to expand, branching out a tad as we lay down store for the coming, gloriously sunny, Kent months.

It's particularly good to see La Chouffe on the shelves, both the blonde and the Dobbelen IPA Triple. This mad little brewery in deepest Belgium was a cult favourite in the bars across Den Haag a few years back and I've personally enjoyed one or two splendidly late nights in its company. It's a wonderfully spicy and unique style of beer.

The Trappist Brewers have long been represented here by Orval but now others have come to join us from Rochefort, Achel and Westmalle. These brewers consistently attain the loftiest heights on the quality ladder and their beers are nothing short of legendary.

In total contrast we've also shipped Kriek, Framboise and Fruli - fruit beers to delight anyone on a hot day.

There's more besides: Brugges Zot for instance. A beer I've not yet tried but have been assured of it's credentials.

Since we have so many newcomers (beer and staff) we thought we'd crack a few bottles open this Saturday (13th June) lunchtime so we can give 'em a proper tasting (the beer). And since the beers are many, and we, reletively few, there'll be plenty to go round so come up and join in, around 1pm. Steve promised to provide a perfunctuary lunch and a running comentary. Sounds more fun than weeding the allotment anyway. See you Saturday.

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