Friday, 26 June 2009

Big Tasty

If there's one thing I know you've had fantasies about it's fresh, cool, tasty beer on a warm Summer's day - I'm right aren't I? There you are, sitting on a quay-side slurping from a condensation covered glass, waves gently lapping at your feet, sun high, bright and warm. Maybe there's some decent street merchants vending delicious spicy chick peas or vegetable somosas. There's probably some musicians jamming away in ear shot. And the sound of kids' wild laughter from a nearby funfair. A stilt walker lopes by and you get up and go to chose another tasty, cool pint from a list of a dozen or more.

Wake up. It's happening. Next weekend in Ramsgate.

July 4th - Ram Francisco - not as muddy as Glastonbury.

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