Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Doktor Sonnenschein's

Dr Sunshine's Special Friendly English Wheat Ale has been more popular than ever but tomorrow we take the whole thing a step further - we're brewing exactly the same beer - wheat, zest of orange, freshly crushed coriander seed and fruity Perle hops - but fermenting the whole with a very, very different yeast.

Bavarian weizen is characterised by it's coudy, pale yellow appearance (in tall, elegant glasses), smooth, mild and refreshing nature featuring cloves, banana and phenols. Most of that is a result of the unique yeast strain used, and I'm using it tomorrow, albeit on an english recipe. Having done this before, years ago, I'm confident that it'll produce a very tasty beer, and equally confident it will be a complete pain in the arse - sticky, messy and unpredictable. Fun, real fun.

Can't wait.

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