Friday, 10 July 2009

POETS day.

We're closing early, at 3 'o'clock this afternoon.

Stevie is on holiday - to be fair, he hasn't had a day off for a couple of weeks and his workload for the next two months is large and heavy. Make the most of it now, mate.

Coyote is reclining, this time at Lounge on The Farm, a boutique East Kent Fest' where local beer is served fresh and cool.

Clive is doing his proper job. For proper money too.

'Hang 'Em' will be resting, deservedly so if he gets through all the work I'm about to present him with this morning.

Gray the Dray won't get back from today's deliveries until long past beer 'o'clock. He isn't overworked, he takes his time and completes a proper job, properly.

And Lois and I are off to Middle England to visit family, friends and foes.

But we are open as usual on Saturday.

2 comments: said...

Eddie, Never mind lounge on the farm get ready for the Kent Beer Festival next week!By the way a link to your blog is on our website Cheers, Simon

Eddie said...

Don't worry about that Simon - we'll be there en masse Thursday evening.