Monday, 19 October 2009

Dark Conspiracy

We're brewing the first gyle (a brewer's term meaning 'batch') of this year's 'Dark Conspiracy' today. It's a wonderfully deep brown, US-style porter, loaded with dark, aromatic, and tasty pale malts and finished with a combination of the blackcurranty Willamette and pineappley Cascade hops. If that sounds like a bit of a car crash of flavours think fruit, chocolate, coffee, toast and candy balanced by a gentle, dry bitterness and served in a pint glass, topped with a creamy beige head. Yup, it's a car crash. But it'll work.

We should be in for a pleasant winter, whatever the weather.

Look out for Dark Conspiracy in East Kent free-houses from ealy November, until further notice. The recipe, such as it is, was conceved and first brewed here in collaboration with the Saint and the Sinner last year.

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