Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hanging up the old boots.

Nah, not like *that*. This pair of old faithfuls has done its last shift - heel worn and leaking, they're heading for a cabinet in the Hall of Fame. In my possession alone they've brewed around 4 million pints of beer at 9 breweries in 3 different countries.

"You can use these until you get a pair to fit" said Stevie, as he handed over the keys to the Ferret & Firkin Brewery in Chelsea back in '94. They've flopped around on the end of my legs most working days ever since and I'll miss them.

Retired with Full Brewing Honours


Brock said...

Using the blog for shameless Christmas present hints?

Actually I'm a little worried about this. Can we have your assurance that a change of boot will have no effect on the wonderful flavours of our favoured Ramsgate Brewery ales?

Eddie said...

No Brock, I've got a shiney new pair (I had to get them two sizes too big) and I've already treated myself to 4 x three and half thousand litre cylindro-concical fermentation vessels for Yule - more than any man could ever ask Santa for. They're due in before the end of December so I'll be out of circulation for a while...