Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Yule have to order soon.

Around here we start thinking about our mid-winter celebrations early in December and though work tends to intensify, so does the expectation of fun and merriment later in the month. Buying presents for one another is a creative way of showing, and sharing our love. But we're no good at that and, we suspect, nor are many of our customers. To that end Lois has created a range of gifts, ready wrapped and ideal for the beer lover in your life, even if, or especially if, that happens to be you yourself. First up, draught beer in bulk to take home:

For the month of December we're offering our Yule Special 'on draught' in mini-pins (10 litres - 18 pints) and poly-pins (20 litres - 36 pints) for you to collect, to take home, and to savor.

This is a beer specifically designed to complement your Yule Feast(s), so there's no need, or excuse, to bother with that annual bottle of dodgy red stuff that gives you a hangover.

Mini-pins are £30, poly-pins are £50. Ring Steve or Lois on 01843 868453 to order one.

Next up will be 'gift-packs', priced to suit a range of budgets from skint to just-about-head-above-water.


Chunk said...

Pleasure to meet you last Saturday, thanks for the look around the brewery!

Will you be selling any of this in bottles at all? The sample we tried was excellent but 18 pints is probably a bit too much for me presonally.

Keep up the good work and I'll bring you a sample of that stout (if it's any good ... and possibly even if it isn't).

Eddie said...

Thanks Chunk for the prompt - yes, we'll endevour to keep it available for 4 and 8 pinters but it might be a good idea to ring ahead and check.

Looking forward to the stout..

Brock said...

How long does the beer stay in good condition once a polypin or minipin is opened?

Eddie said...

Ah, there's a thing you see, obviously it begins losing it's freshness right away, however, unlike a cask, because it's a bag in a box, no oxygen gets to the beer at all. So no oxidation. Which is nice. But, as I said, it loses it's freshness. (Stop rambling you fool - ed). Erm yes, good for a week, ideal for a night.