Sunday, 29 November 2009

10 year overhang

I'm suffering from a 10 year hang-over, that is, it's the worst I've been for the drink for that period of time. (Probably longer but I lived in Holland back then and don't remember much.)

My regular reader (hi Owen!) will know that, apart from a weakness for decent Claret and a fine appreciation of Islay malt, I very rarely stray from beer. And real beer too, because not only does it taste damn good it never, ever haunts me the following day. Not so though cheap red wine and cheap Armagnac. Urg.

Please don't try it home and yes, I probably did exceed my daily allowance but so did the other 40 adults in the room - that's the problem with the allowance, it's so unrealistic it's laughable. That said, I rather wish I'd stuck to it now.


Captain Dog said...

Oooooouch. At least you managed to stay of the Pernod and Red Bull.

Captain Dog said...

Off even.

Eddie said...

Yes, that is lucky.

It seems part of yesterday's 'gueule de bois' may have been the start of the head cold I've got this morning. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.