Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Yule has barely begun and we've cracked under the pressure: GADDS' Number 3, Seasider, Little Cracker and GADDS' Number 5 have sold out. We've got stocks of Dogbolter, Dark Conspiracy and GADDS' Number 7. They won't last though. (Pre-ordered polypins have been set aside so the organised need not fret).

We've also got some lovely GADDS' faithful Dogbolter Yule Puddings - they're big and gorgeous and on your Yule Feast table for £15.

Ok, I dropped the ball. I had a day off. But we're double brewing for the rest of the week in penance, though, to tell the truth, I'm largely unrepentant: where the hell were you all two weeks ago? The pub is not just for Christmas you know.

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