Monday, 14 December 2009

On the double!

Chelsea Clive and I are brewing double today. That isn't a new beer, we're brewing twice in a day. A lot of busy breweries do it but, on our scale, it's bloody hard work: the first mash went in at 06:30 and we'll not be in the pub much before eight this evening. Early in the New Year I'll be commissioning four new fermentation vessels (phase I) and double, and triple, brewing will be a feature of our lives for a while. It's going to hurt but it will be fun (well, fun if you're a weird, sad and obsessed brewer with a particular bent for engineering and hard graft).

The Schedule is coming under severe pressure from some Hungarian stainless steel fabricators who are linked to it through a long chain of sequential events. Like that butterfly that caused a hurricane. It's chaos, I'm telling you.

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