Monday, 18 January 2010

Brewathon, 1 of 10

The hot liquor tank (HLT) supplies all our heated brewing water but it holds only just enough for a single batch. Therefore, when double brewing, it's imperative filling and heating operations run smoothly so I can get cracking on the second brew before lunch. Today, for the first time in two years, it tripped out for no discernible reason. Now if I were the superstitious kind I'd be tempted to make up a whole load of rubbish surrounding this event based probably on some deity and punishment for an act of 'sin'. Since I'm not inclined to believe shite, or make it up, I'm happy to put it down to unusual circumstance and keep a watchful eye out for it happening again.

Besides, it only cost me an hour in the end.

Brews 1 & 2 went very well despite the minor delay and the new fermenters are looking cool.


Cask is Best said...

Eddie, with regards to heating up the hot liquor did you manage to sort out the saga of the right hand not knowing what the left hand was doing and vice versa with 'Gas supply'. Anyway I wish you all the best the project.

Eddie said...

ILC - no, not sorted out yet. In fact I haven't heard from them since. So we're going to run the boiler on oil until we can sort it out.

Strangley a former electricity supplier rang me today to ask why I hadn't taken them up on their kind offer of a 6% discount on current rate. 'Because you don't supply me and haven't done for 3 years' came as a surprise answer. Crikey, how do these companies survive?