Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The tied house system - 1.0

I've long intended to develop a compelling argument on these pages to illustrate exactly why I oppose the current (and historic) tied house system in the UK. However, this morning one of my arguments has been very clearly portrayed by this story in the Publican.

We need quality people running our pubs - is expecting them to be able and willing to read documentation pertaining to their profession really too much? How much lower are the pub companies prepared to dumb down the noble calling of Publican simply to attract someone, anyone, to take a tenancy? And would they directly employ the same calibre of people they're happy to sell tenancies too?

I doubt it.

Have no doubt about it, the pub industry's malaise is far more of its own making than of any external factor. And that's as a result of under educated, narrow minded and short sighted management at the very top of the industry.

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