Sunday, 10 January 2010

Frozen out

Snow and ice on the hill at Moonhill Farm helped me decide not to risk the journey on Thursday, the chances of the forklift working in such conditions I reckoned zero. I underestimated Lofty Paul and his gang of competents: theirs is a true ‘can do’ attitude, no fuss, no bother, just laugh and get on with it. By Thursday night they’d cleared the hill and brought one of the articulated flatbeds, complete with forklift and mini-crane, up onto site. And by Friday evening all but two vessels had been extracted and loaded. Weather permitting (though I doubt that’ll get in the way of this determined outfit) we can expect the first convoy to arrive at Hornet Close on Monday afternoon. So despite everything we're on track to install and commission the fermenters this week. Weather? Where?

Meanwhile I’m in the West Midlands sniffing hops and wishing I was on site.

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