Friday, 15 January 2010

Phase I - on budget but 4 days late

True to character The Capables turned up 24 hours early, got stuck in, had a cup of tea and were on their merry way within an hour and a half. They've left me with a total of 96 hectolitres of fermenting capacity. (And that ought to keep me busy for a year or two).


Brock said...

woahhhhhhhhhhh.... shiny!

Mark said...

Wowzers. That's a lot of fermenting room! Gonna be a tight fit in the brewery isn't it?

Glad it's going well, been following your updates keenly. :)

Eddie said...

Not as tight as I feared Chunk - they look like they were made to measure.

And not as shiny as all that Brock - what the photo doesn't pick up is the mud they acquired during transit (?). Me and Gray the Dray are cleaning them up today.

I am pathetically chuffed at the moment.

Sean Ayling said...

Wow, looks gorgeous. Can I come and have closer look next time the wife takes me shopping at Westwood Chaos. I'll need some man therapy by then