Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Phase 3? Well, the next bit anyway.

New (10 yr old) plant decommissioned and uplifted from its former home - check.

Fermenters installed at Hornet Close (that's our place) - check.

Brewathon to create enough stock to shut down for four weeks - check.

That all sounds like things are on track, progressing nicely, according to a plan doesn't it? I'll reluctantly agree that it is a reasonable perception. However, now we're into the messy bit where all manner of known, and unknown, unknowns lurk. We must make suitable preparations to receive the brewhouse vessels on Monday next - some demolition (done today), a little concrete pouring for these new vessels to sit on (tomorrow, but a breeze for an ex-civil engineer who's poured more of the stuff than he cares to care about) and some fibre-glass floor finishing (a complete left field change of plan encouraged, nay, dreamed up, by Rob the Builder - *he* reckons it'll work but wtf does he know about brewhouses? Why do I listen? Am I easily led? Or is this intuition?).

And I don't even want to mention the steam boiler. Doh, I just did.

If I only think a few days ahead I can ignore next week's worries, and the worries of the week after. And the stock. And the cash flow. Jeez, does anyone actually *do* this for a living?


Jo said...

The first time I mixed concrete I ended up in A&E with cement burns. The second time, I cried from pure tiredness. Apart from little bits of that ready-mixed stuff here and there, there hasn't been a third time. So I don't envy you. Sounds like it's getting interesting, though!

Anonymous said...

I know you're tierd but keep to the plan.

If you pull this off on schedule then you'll have done better than daisy and the local lady of the night!

I might even buy you a beer, but what's the point you only have to go out back and there is one waiting for you !