Sunday, 7 March 2010

Job done?

My minor epic is close to done and dusted. The new (second hand) brewery was put through its paces on Friday and Saturday, crafting batches of GADDS' #7 & GADDS' #5 respectively. It performed wildly better than I could ever have imagined and to be honest, I struggled to keep control of it for a bit. Finishing touches have already begun: a temperature probe here, a hook there, Bose music monitors in the corners, all the usual stuff one finds one needs shortly after the first brew.

So, back up and running; beer in the system and ready to deliver in 8 days time. Stock left from the brewathon? Erm, little really. Just enough to squeeze us through for the next 5 days. A quick look at my original schedule........damn! 4 days late, but that could have been worse. And budget.........double damn! £10k over. That's a vast miscalculation on my part down to the known unknown of the Emmanuel the Boiler, but the money isn't wasted: we're the proud owners of one hell of a high pressure steam system.

So, pats on backs and beers all round.

Though I promised a blow by blow account I never really delivered one. It felt a bit weird to publish accounts of events that those with malicious intent could use against me. Not that they read this. Not that anyone reads this really. But you never know, you know?


Mark said...

I read this! It's been fun to (loosely) follow along with your progress.

Onwards and upwards with the brewing now!

Paul Bailey said...

Glad it all came together ok in the end!

Anonymous said...

I have read along with baited breath, it's been an emotional journey.
I look forward to some brew from good old Emanuelle