Thursday, 4 March 2010

Who's the f**&ing Daddy?

We shut down 4 weeks and 5 days ago, ripped out the old system, rebuilt services, rebuilt malt store, cold room, brewhouse and hop store, installed new (second hand) plant, installed a high pressure boiler, commissioned the lot and are ready, willing and able to brew tomorrow. And we didn't let our regular customers run out of beer.

We're the f**&ing Daddy, that's who.

Pride comes before a fall and brewers know this better than most. However, I just can't contain my excitement. Besides, f%$k superstition: human ingenuity, hardwork and dedication usually renders it irrelevant.


Brock said...

Well played sir!
You are the Daddy Gaddy.
Will the increased production capacity mean a better choice of local outlets, or are you looking more at spreading your footprint into the Westward hinterlands?

Eddie said...

Thanks Brock. I reluctantly allow a small volume of beer to go to pubs in fancy West Kent, just to show 'em that, whilst we may not have nice cars out here in the East, we do have adequate consolation in our penury.

Captain Dog said...

Well done sir. It's great when a plan and good, honest endeavour come together. Look forward to seeing it.