Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Lets Have a Beer @ The Chequer Inn

This is a brand new concept, dreamed up on the hoof all of 10 minutes ago: me and the miscreants go to the pub for a beer. That sounds mundane, everyday even, and so it is. Only, this time, perhaps once a month or so, we tell you which pub and what time, giving you all ample time to change your plans to ensure you aren't caught in the same place, at the same time, as a bunch of boring idiots who just want to talk about beer to you.

The first such event is posted on our 'Events' wall on our FB page.

Lets Have a Beer @ The Chequer Inn, tomorrow, April 1st, from 07:30pm.

Really, it isn't a joke, I've yet to think of one of those. Anyway, should you be stuck at the bar with me just mention Blackpool and I'll buy you a pint.

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