Friday, 26 March 2010

National Cask Ale Week

..starts on Monday next, the 29th of March and runs for, yes, a week. It's been an annual for a few years now but as with most such 'National this and that week' no one really knows what to do during them, neither organisers, vested interests nor public. However, the cask ale industry has breweries and it has pubs, both splendid places to visit. 'Tis pure coincidence though that we're opening our doors tomorrow for Kent's Big Out Day Open Day tomorrow (as heard this morning on the BBC, all welcome 10 'til 3) and that we're 'launching' (I hope that *isn't* the right word) GADDS' Uberhop Traditional Lager Ale at next weekend's Thanet Ale Planet Fest at Margate Winter Gardens (I believe I may have mentioned that before but it bears repeating).

So, remember, celebrate National Cask Ale Week by drinking good beer, in a good pub. Or at our gaff. Or in Margate Winter Gardens.


Jeff Rosenmeier said...

"Traditional Lager Ale"? What you talking about Eddie?

Eddie said...

Lagerale Jeff, tastes a little like lager and a little like ale - damn tasty - it's a tradition round here. Well it is now.