Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Ken Clarke MP
House of Commons

Tuesday March 23rd, 2010

Dear Mr Clarke,

I read recently of your taste for a decent pint of beer and that you particularly liked 'Dogbolter' (A Pint of Dogbolter shouldn't be beyond our Ken, Telegraph January 19th). I used to brew that beer as an employee of the Firkin Brewery and after they closed down I set up shop with my wife here in sunny East Kent. We resurrected the beer and now distribute it throughout the local area. It may have changed a little, grown up a bit, perhaps mellowed somewhat but it remains a dark and heady brew, one to hit the spot.

As a socialist type of chap I experienced mixed emotions upon reading that a member of the Tory party shared a liking for this particular brew, but my Dad always liked you and so too do I (you're a Europhile, that's a good start). So please find enclosed a bottle to enjoy late one night after a particularly gruelling day in opposition (where long may you remain, no offence intended). I ask nothing in return except that you do something about those neo-prohibitionists intent on making our lives a complete misery. Do, please, shut them up.

Yours etc etc etc

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O said...

I'll be perusing Hansard to make sure Ken has registered his interest in fine East Kent ale. Personally, after a few pints, I find myself incapable of getting up to ask a (coherent) question. However, for slumping on a bench and mumbling "hear hear" it would seem an ideal preparation...