Monday, 19 April 2010

Brewing a decent cuppa

We run on tea here and gallons of the stuff are drunk each day. As you might expect, we're not bad at brewing it (except, of course Coyote, whose hot 'drink' offerings are met with such muted enthusiasm - it's very difficult to know whether the drink before you was supposed to be tea or coffee and mostly it utterly fails to satisfy in any way - that he's pretty much banned from brewing up). Anyway, you all know about boiling water and bringing the pot to the kettle but here's a top tip about chlorine:

Chlorine is put in the water supply by the water suppliers to keep the water potable, free from contamination. It works very well but it can make the water taste pretty bad when levels of this additive are high - tea in particular will taste more than faintly of TCP and it can do serious damage to pasta. Install a carbon filter to your drinking and cooking water supply and you'll no longer have a problem. Or, and this is the top tip, keep an open jug of water in the fridge over night: the chlorine evaporates, the water tastes better and the tea is always spot on!

Extensive trials have been carried out here in the Brewery in order to come to the above conclusions. We present the results here for free.


Mark said...

Not tempted to add Campden tablets to your tea water then?

I'm sure I once read you saying about brewing tea with wort. Did I imagine that?

Eddie said...

To be honest Chunk I wouldn't know a Campden tablet if I sat on one. But it sounds like a killer app.

Brewing tea with wort you say? Crikey, I might give it a go tomorrow - it'll make a mess of the kettle though.

Mark said...

I reckon you should do it. You like tea and you like beer, so you must like tea-beer?