Sunday, 11 April 2010

No use for good advice

"Don't run out of diesel son: apart from fuelling the burners, it lubricates the pump bearings", the departing words of Jim the Boil fell on largely deaf ears, my capacity to absorb instructions diminished not only by fatigue and excitement but by minutiae-overkill too. I'd heard far too many menial little dos and don'ts over the previous 3 days, I just wanted the keys and to be left alone to put the boiler through it's paces, so go on, see ya later. But I had recognised this advice as wisdom, I had filtered it from the general white noise and labelled it 'important', yet all along I knew I'd ignore it.

Four weeks graft and the new (second hand) brewery is bedding in very nicely, a total dream to run. And it's a fair bit busier than forecast, which is the second contributory factor to my downfall this weekend: the boiler won't fire. The boiler won't fire and so it won't boil water. And since it won't boil water it won't produce steam, so I can't heat my brewing liquor for tomorrow and I can't boil my wort tomorrow. Which means I can't brew tomorrow.

Clive checked the diesel: it's low, but not empty.

My hope is that the low level has caused a disruption to the feed and once I've filled the tank up (they send a tanker out, I'm not kidding, a real tanker) head pressure will be restored and the old boiler will be firing on all (one) cylinders by lunchtime.

My fear is that I've seized the pump bearings and it'll take a couple of days or more to fix.

Grrr, wisdomfail. Still, it distracts me from an imminent and pesky HM Revenue and Customs visit this week.


Phil H said...

Bloody hell Eddie,
I'm sure it will be okay , have you tried cleaning the burner/pilot as towards the bottom
of the diesel will be all sorts of sludge?
Keep all us Gadds fans updated!

Eddie said...

Sounds like you know more about this than me Phil.

Phil H said...

Nope, just used to old cars or bikes that are known to collect crud at the bottom of fuel tanks!